King Edward's School Home

Old Edwardians

1949-1952: Trouthe Schal Delyvere

In 1949, the inscription from Chaucer's Balade de Bon Conseil "trouthe schal delyvere" was unveiled on the stone above the then Junior (now Senior) Entrance. This was chosen by Miss Barrie as a sound piece of life advice that would embellish the ‘Foundation Stone' of the girls' school.

In 1950, the BGOEC funded the refurbishment of the Junior Library which was then opened by Miss Morgan. It was also during 1950 that the entrance hall was completed, with the panelling and memorial clock being fitted.

In 1951 GCEs were introduced. Though they offered greater choice and flexibility, they threatened one of the core tenets of the school - avoiding specialising too early.

Dr Smith withdrew from school after suffering a stroke in 1952 and sadly died the following year at the age of only fifty five. Miss Jaques once again took over interregnum. OE Hilary Totten (née Fisher, Class of 1958) described her as small and quietly presented but awe-inspiring. "In that era the Head of school was in charge of prefects and I remember being told by an older pupil it had been a privilege to have Dr Smith as their guide and mentor."