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Old Edwardians

1914-1918: The First World War

Despite the constant disruptions of wartime, staff were adamant that education remain at the forefront of their activities. The girls were encouraged to help the war effort during their free time, and the school organised knitting parties, jam making, first aid classes, secretarial training and agricultural work for pupils. The school also opened a Belgian House, which supported and housed 2 families for the duration of the war.

Florence George wrote a new cook book of economy recipes. Sadly, she did not see the end of the war.

Old Edwardians became involved in important war work. For example, Muriel Evans became the only female surgeon at the Women's Hospital in Sparkhill. K Alien, M Wheldale and A Homer were each employed by the Wellcome Bacteriological Laboratory.

We are also fortunate enough to have been given a diary written by Old Edwardian Dorothy Priest, which describes the first year of the war. This is being worked on by our achivist.